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Health Care Pager

Protect the employees and minimize the business damage caused by downtimes.

Health Care Pager is a small and very light-weight Pager (similar to an employee badge) that registers other Pagers in its vicinity by radio and sounds an acoustic alarm if the distance falls below 1.5 meters for at least 20 seconds. This means that the pager is an active help and support in complying with the SOCIAL DISTANCING recommendations that apply worldwide.

SOF is the exclusive distributor in Romania of Compike Germany.

Areas of use


Benefits for employees

Data Protection

Standalone device without further personal data (no calls, telephone contacts, text messages or other personal data on the pager).


Immediate and pro-active information of a potential infection by the employer.


In contrast to a smartphone app, location tracking or localization is technically impossible (pager has no WLAN or GPS) - only contacts in the immediate vicinity are recorded by radio signal.


Lighter and smaller than a smartphone.

Benefits for employers

Investments of less than € 5 per month per worker